Outlook Migration

As you may have heard, Los Rios is moving email to Exchange Online – Outlook 365 (a component of Office 365). A huge benefit of migrating Outlook is an increase in mail storage capacity from 1.5GB to 100GB.

WHAT We Need From You

To ensure that migrating your mailbox will have the least amount of impact on you, we will need you to complete a short questionnaire. As your department is scheduled to migrate, you will receive a questionnaire by email. This will help us to make sure that any shared calendars, shared department mailboxes, and other resources will be available to you during this process.

WHAT Should You Expect

The mailbox migration will occur before you arrive to work. There should be minimal impact. On the day after the migration, you may be prompted to log into Outlook with a username and password. If so, use your W+ID@arc.losrios.edu as your username.

HOW To Access Outlook Web From Home

Use instructions on below page on how to access your email from home on your computer

HOW To Access Your Email On Your Mobile Device

If you access Outlook from a mobile device (tablet, cell phone) you may need to take action depending on if you use an Android device or an iOS (Apple) device. Android users will need to use the Microsoft Outlook App in order to access email (free app available for both iOS and Android from their app stores).
Instructions to access your email on your mobile devices located here:  http://office.losrios.edu/answers/setup-your-devices-2/

If you are having trouble setting up your mobile device, please visit the Tech Center located in the front lobby of the LRC, or call them at 916-484-8667.