Virus Scan Migration

The IT department, in cooperation with District IT is moving away from the Sophos antivirus software to the Symantec antivirus program. All installations will be performed at night after 11:00 p.m. 

Lab computers will migrate during the Winter break. If your Instruction Area has IT Technicians assigned to your labs they will be given access to the installation files otherwise the ARC IT department will handle the migration.

What we are requesting you to do:

When you leave your work every night until we get Symantec installed on your computer please:

  • Save any work you have open.
  • Log off your computer.
  • Leave your computer powered on so we can push the software to your computer.
  • Warning: Save any open work. Your computer will reboot at night to finish the install.

How to tell if you have received the new antivirus software? 
On the bottom right on your windows screen are icons representing programs that are running on your computer. After you receive the new software the shield icon will have changed from the one with a blue S (Sophos) to the gold shield (Symantec) shown below.
This is what the Sophos icon looks like:

After you have been migrated: